The Story Goes


After years of working in the commercial brewing side of the industry and witnessing the evolution of the craft beer world first hand the founding duo decided to break away and start Analog Brewing Company in Dallas, TX. Following their passion for smaller batch craft beers and wild ales, the two were on one mission; to make the beer they enjoy better. 

Evolution + Growth

At Analog Brewing, we are proud to challenge the status quo, pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible in the realm of craft beer while still respecting the traditional roots. We believe that experimentation and creativity are the lifeblood of the brewing industry, and we constantly strive to crafting unique and memorable beer.

When the search for a place to call home began, the duo wanted to do more than build a structure everyone could see, they wanted to plant roots their community could feel. To do so the two needed to fulfill three benchmarks; having adequate space to create the best quality product, make the customers experience enjoyable and different from what was being offered elsewhere and finally to create a diverse, welcoming and inclusive community around their home that would give back to the surrounding neighborhood.

After many years of brewing at various host location the team decided to lay their foundation in South Dallas.

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